Dealer Media Group, Inc. and its subsidiary, Car TV Media, Inc., is a Dallas, Texas based provider of value added advertising and marketing services for the automotive sales industry.

The Company is one of the country’s leaders in high volume lead generation for automobile dealers. Dealer Media’s marketing program is based on the 30 years of in-depth automotive industry experience of its founder, CEO and chief spokesman, Joe Courrege. The program features 30 minute television infomercials (known as long-form advertising), and 30 second broadcast commercials (known as short-form spot advertising). The Company markets both forms of advertising to both English and Spanish consumers through English and Spanish television stations. The infomercials and commercials are market specific and often feature local celebrity athletes. They are built around call-in customer screening, special finance expertise, and training for dealership employees. The bottom line is that Dealer Media Group utilizes a proven system to create heavy traffic and increased sales and profits to auto dealers.

Dealer Media currently has substantial operations in the Texas and Louisiana TV markets using athletes from the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints. The Company is currently implementing an expansion plan to penetrate all 50 media markets that serve the Cowboys and Saints, including aggressively expanding into the Spanish speaking markets in the Southwest. Once these markets are penetrated, Dealer Media plans to use its current dealer customers in 13 additional states as a base to expand its dynamic program into the rest of the country. Dealer Media also plans to expand its business through acquisition of advertising agencies and internet advertisers to provide a total marketing solution to auto dealers.


May 11th, 2011 7:00pm

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