The Company believes success will come as it provides solutions to the problems faced by its clients and their customers, the automobile buyer. Dealer Media’s focus on meeting customer needs has enabled the Company to develop a systematic program that delivers results to its automobile dealerships.

Dealer Media offers a proven, turnkey solution to drive automobile buyers into client dealerships using some of the following techniques:

• Infomercial Production. The Company provides turnkey infomercial production, including the talent, film crew, and script. Programs are customized with on-location filming, presentation of special deals, use of local professional athlete or celebrity talent, and introduction of selected dealership staff.

Custom Designed Marketing. Dealer Media consults with dealers to insure that the marketing plan selected will meet the unique needs of the dealer and the local market. The Company’s depth of experience in the automobile business allows it to provide comprehensive suggestions, including inventory the dealer should buy.

Special Finance Consulting. Dealer Media has significant experience in, and knowledge of, the financing available to 70% of automobile buyers that have less than perfect credit. The Company helps dealerships obtain and work with special finance programs to maximize their sales.

Airtime Management. Dealer Media handles airtime purchase for each dealership in each market. The Company’s expertise allows them to purchase the most productive time slots. Airtime purchases are constantly monitored to ensure a solid flow of leads.

Call Center Lead Generation. The Company maintains a live call center, seven days a week, to process leads that have called in to the infomercial. Leads are interviewed, and based on criteria set by the particular dealership, qualified leads are given appointments to meet with the dealership. Lead data is compiled and made available to the dealership to show the results of each aired infomercial.

• Dealer Media’s program has produced a 40% to 50% increase in cars sold at dealerships using the Company’s proven methods.

Staff Training. Prior to the launch of its program, Dealer Media provides training to dealership staff. This training and support helps dealership staff process leads generated by the program. The Company also offers on-going training and technical telephone support to help dealers make the most effective use of the program.

In summary, Dealer Media’s services deliver heavy traffic to client dealerships through a custom, turnkey advertising program. The Company produces proven, reliable, repeatable results.