Dealer Media has assembled a management team with substantial experience in multiple fields including, but not limited to, automobile marketing, corporate finance, and corporate development.

Joe Courrege – Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

Joe Courrege

Joe Courrege is founder of and primary TV personality for Dealer Media. He is recognized by thousands of people in television markets throughout the U.S. He has 30 years experience in the automotive industry, having owned and operated several automobile dealerships. As a motivational speaker, consultant, negotiation specialist, and former National Football League Players Association Certified Contract Advisor, Mr. Courrege has developed a proven system to assist automobile dealers increase floor traffic and sales. His unique approach to advertising and marketing includes market specific, sophisticated 30 minute infomercial programs with high production value, in English and Spanish. Mr. Courrege has developed a system to assist automobile dealership owners and staff in critical areas such as sales training, marketing, advertising, and consumer finance. While with the National Football League, Joe spent 30 years working and negotiating with owners and executives such as Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Donald Trump (Trump Organization), Bill Parcels (New York Giants), and Ted Phillips (Chicago Bears).

Over 400 NFL players have relied on Mr. Courrege to secure them the best possible NFL employment contracts and/or product endorsement contracts. Some of those players include NFL Hall of Fame recipient Lawrence Taylor (New York Giants), 5 time NFL Pro Bowl selection, and Texas Sports Hall of Fame recipient Ray Childress (Houston Oilers), Jason Garrett (current Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys), and 1 time Pro Bowl selection, Wade Wilson (current Quarterbacks Coach, Dallas Cowboys). Mr. Courrege negotiated the largest contract ever in the NFL for a defensive player for Lawrence Taylor in 1990.