It is no secret that automobile dealers were hammered by the economic slowdown. The housing crash, the Wall Street crash, and automobile manufacturing financial woes sent car sales into a tailspin. Automobile dealers are operating in one of the toughest environments since the Great Depression.

At the same time, automobile buyers find themselves in a difficult situation. The automobile is a necessity for most Americans, yet, nearly 70% of all automobile buyers have credit problems. Automobile dealers must develop strategies to finance automobiles, and communicate the availability of financing and attractiveness of their automotive offerings. Now, more than ever, advertising is the key to a successful dealership. Dealer Media Group is an expert in this field and has helped multiple dealerships across the country drive up traffic and sales.

There are approximately 18,459 franchise new car dealers in the U.S. They advertise in many media, including newspaper, magazine, radio, and television. Dealer Media Group’s focus is on television markets because television has an ability to immediately reach a large number of people with a compelling mental and emotional appeal. The television advertising market is huge, with over 200 separate markets in the U.S. Dealer Media Group’s goal is to penetrate 150 of these markets over the next 3 years.